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Euronews launching VR news project

15 July 2016
Euronews launching VR news project

Euronews is set to launch a virtual reality news project.

The project, backed by the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) Innovation Fund, will kick off this summer with the launch of No Comment 360, which has been tailored to VR.

No Comment 360 content is designed to encourage the audience to ‘come up with their own interpretations’ of the story and ‘embody Euronews’ All Views identity.’

Duncan Hooper, editor-in-chief of digital platforms at Euronews, said, “We are delighted to be implementing this new interactive video production method, giving our audience the power to view the story from their own perspectives.

“Through our collaboration with the DNI we will be able to take advantage of the latest technological innovations, which now make it possible – and relatively simple – to harness virtual reality in the service of news and in your home.

The DNI chose to fund Euronews 360 in February as one of its 128 selected projects in Europe, and will be a source of financial backing for the Euronews 360 degree video initiative for three years.

The DNI fund is a collaboration between Google and European news publishers to ‘support high quality journalism’ and encourage a ‘more sustainable’ news ecosystem.

Euronews’ teams will experiment with various interactive video formats to create a variety of content from “All Views”.

“This project is a perfect fit for Euronews’ ‘All Views’ positioning, embodying a mission that aims to live and share a unique and global experience of news, knowledge and cultures, expressed through a genuine diversity.

“We feel that immersive journalism provides a fresh perspective on news, for our journalists and our audience.”

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