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EuroLinX plugs into Sencore to cover sport

20 September 2012
EuroLinX plugs into Sencore to cover sport

EuroLinX, the specialist wireless division of the Alfacam Group, has installed Sencore’s modular card-based receiver-decoder systems across its entire wireless fleet for mobile coverage of high-profile outdoor and sporting events.

Sencore’s aG4800 openGear Chassis, fitted with aG4802 receiver-decoder cards, enables EuroLinX to supply high-quality HD feeds from aircraft- and motorcycle-based cameras, as well as its OB vehicles, for events like the Olympics.

“For large sports events, we’re often required to provide multiple HD feeds from multiple fixed and roving platforms, both on the ground and in the air. It’s a dense challenge that calls for a dense decoding solution, and the Sencore aG systems fit our requirements perfectly,” explained Bruno Coudyzer, RF project coordinator at EuroLinX.

“The 2RU chassis saves space and weight in our aircraft, and the receiver-decoders provide a great deal of flexibility by supporting different formats from different sources; for instance, they are compatible with our Fujitsu encoders.”

Based in Antwerp, Alfacam is Europe’s largest provider of OB broadcast services and known for high-quality HD coverage of events such as the World Cup, European Championship Football and high-profile concerts.

The company has installed Sencore’s aG4800 openGear Chassis equipped with aG4802 ASI-to-ASI/SDI receiver-decoder cards in its entire wireless fleet, including the equipment in airplanes, helicopters and motorcycles as required for event coverage.

The 20-slot aG4800 chassis can accommodate up to 10 receiver-decoder cards. Together, the systems enable EuroLinX mobile units to select the best signal coming from various airborne relays and then output the feed via ASI and SD/HD-SDI to broadcasting clients.

“Alfacam’s extensive use of the aG4800 and aG4802 is a real validation of our open-architected system, which integrates the multiformat decoding functionality of the award-winning modular receiver-decoder with a wide range of multivendor solutions,” said Tony Oehlerking, general manager, international business development, Sencore.

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