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Euro-Chip backed by broadcasters

11 October 2012
Euro-Chip backed by broadcasters

BBC and Deutschlandradio have joined forces to support an EBU push to speed the rollout of a universal chip to enable radios to receive multiple broadcasting standards. EBU Media Director, Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser applauded the action by the two EBU Members, which was announced at the EBU’s Digital Radio Conference, in Brussels. The Euro-Chip is an existing set of minimum features and functions, originally created by WorldDMB, for all new digital radio receivers. It is already in production and ensures the interoperability of all new digital radio receivers in European countries where broadcasters are using DAB, DAB+ or DMB, and/or analogue AM and FM. The initiative was announced at a news conference attended by the Director-General of Deutschlandradio, Willi Steul (pictured), and the BBC Director of Audio and Music, Tim Davie. "Digital radio across Europe has been plagued by uncertainty," Davie said. "We may be reaching a tipping point, but first we have to bank what is certain about radio’s digital hybrid future and join forces to promote a common vision across Europe." Steul added: "Digital radio is a technology invented in Europe and we as broadcasters in Europe can show that we are able to work together to assure the future of radio." Nyberg Frankenhaeuser said: "This is of critical importance for broadcasters, manufacturers and the public. We must ensure that European consumers are able to buy future-proofed receivers that will provide them with radio services across Europe."

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