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Estonia playout provider installs SGL FlashNet

13 October 2011
Estonia playout provider installs SGL FlashNet

As part of a major expansion initiative to migrate to an automated digital workflow and provide increased channel capacity, Estonia-based playout provider Levira has installed SGL FlashNet content storage management technology.

In a project designed and managed by Finnish reseller and systems integrator Media Trade, SGL FlashNet has been integrated with an IBIS MAM and Oasys playout automation system. The FlashNet deployment is said to provide Levira with ‘far greater flexibility’ in the storage of material for its clients, ‘with less human intervention’.

Maksim Butsenko, technical manager at Levira playout centre, commented: “Ingested files are registered in the MAM system and the material is then divided per customer and stored on the NAS archive. FlashNet then archives the content to two tapes: the first is held in a tape robot and is used for restoring data, and the second is kept as a back-up.

“Our aim is to have a fully digitised automation, MAM and archive workflow to reduce user interaction. The systems will communicate with each other and inform operators of results or problems. This will mean that staff will simply monitor quality and equipment performance. Our automation system will provide notification to FlashNet regarding any missing content, which can then be restored automatically from LTO tape to NAS and pushed to the playout server.”

SGL worldwide sales and joint managing director Bernie Walsh added: “We are delighted to announce this sale to Levira further highlighting our open system architecture, which is designed to enable seamless integration of the archive with all other systems within the installation.”

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