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ERR chooses RT Software and StypeGRIP for first VR studio

4 February 2015
ERR Estonia

A virtual studio has been used for the first time in Estonia, by state broadcaster ERR. ERR selected RT Software’s tOG-VR virtual studio solution combined with a StypeGRIP  kit fitted to a Jimmy jib to provide virtual inserts to its daily children’s entertainment programme Lastetuba.

ERR’s concept was to bring discussions to life by inserting virtual scenes into the real studio. As presenters discuss a topic, the camera pans to show a real scene relevant to the discussion as if they are part of an infinitely extended studio. RT Creative provided two scenes in response to ERR’s brief.

StypeGRIP provided the camera tracking data via one of its kits fitted to a Jimmy Jib, and RT Software’s tOG-VR inserted the virtual scene into the studio. In order to look convincing to the eye, the real and the virtual needed to be locked together at all times. This was achieved by combining the accurate camera tracking data available from Stype with tOG-VR’s ability to handle lens distortions as the camera zoomed in and out.

“Not only were we impressed with the way tOG-VR was able to render such complex and realistic scenes, but also by the support given by RT Software’s creative team in the design and implementation,” said Risto Sirts, ERR CTO. “With the design done at RT Software, all that was required was a two day visit to ERR from one of their team and we were confident enough to go to air the following week.”

Stjepan Cajic, Stype CEO added: “This job was special for us since it was the first one on which RT software used our new protocol and the new way of calibrating the lens. We are glad that people are starting to grasp the value of great calibration performed inside the Stype kit. It enabled the creative guys to focus all of their energy into creating the effects and not having to worry on locking the graphics to the floor. No one had to mention the tracking which made  us very happy. Thumbs up to RT Software experts for a quick support of our newest development.”

This is the first time RT Software and Stype integration has been used for on air productions in Europe.

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