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Ericsson delivers true TV Anywhere

13 September 2014

Describing it as the realisation of its vision for the future of cloud-driven TV experiences where TV is on any device and the experience evolves with the consumer, Ericsson has announced MediaFirst.

At the core of Ericsson MediaFirst is the Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform, a software-defined, media-optimised platform for the creation, management and delivery of next generation Pay TV. The new end-to-end cloud-based platform is said to embrace all content sources and delivery networks, equipping operators to deliver what Ericsson describes as the most cutting-edge large scale video services to the billions of devices forecast to be connected by 2020. The platform is offered as a software as a service and will be generally available in Q2 2015.

The Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform is based on an open and standards-based approach and architected to be cloud-agnostic, enabling delivery on public and OpenStack private clouds.

Key features include what Ericsson calls ‘True TV Anywhere’, in which the Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform brings together the best of traditional pay TV and over-the-top content with the same user experience across all devices. Users can create their own profiles or share user profiles with other household members and receive tailored recommendations and content feeds based on data, including viewing history and trending content.

Through personal device recognition, the TV recognises the viewer’s device and dynamically customises the experience.

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