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Ericsson to playout TV4 Group

19 November 2009

Swedish broadcaster TV4 Group has selected Ericsson to operate its nationwide playout services as part of a ten-year contract, as well as establish a joint technology and business development forum.

“Through this contract between TV4 Group and Ericsson, we are securing our playout services and technical development for many years to come,” said Jan Scherman, CEO of the TV4 Group. “The partnership also means that we will jointly develop the TV solutions of the future with Ericsson, a leading telecom and multimedia vendor. This will be beneficial for both companies.”

Ericsson’s Mikael B_ckstr_m, head of market unit Nordic and Baltics, said: “This agreement establishes Ericsson as a partner for media companies. This is a strategic step for us as we see telecom, media and internet converge. Beside the advantages of outsourcing for TV4, we see this as a way to learn from TV4’s leading industry competence.”

In the technology and business development forum, the two companies will evaluate new business opportunities as TV4 Group develops its offering from standard linear TV to on-demand TV, giving viewers a more personalised viewing experience.

Since 2007, Ericsson has managed the playout services in the Nordic region for Canal+, which was acquired by TV4 group in 2008. With today’s announcement, Ericsson will now be responsible for all playout services for the TV4 Group.

As a result of the agreement, 40 employees from TV4 Group will be transferred to Ericsson, strengthening Ericsson’s global services organisation in this area.

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