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Ericsson launches compression platform

16 April 2013
Ericsson launches compression platform

NAB 2013 saw Ericsson introducing a new high performance compression platform. The AVP 4000, powered by Ericsson’s first-ever in-house developed programmable video processing chip, is a single platform addressing multiple applications, regardless of codec, resolution or network. "The AVP 4000 is the most powerful compression platform of its kind and offers a truly multi-platform solution without compromise on picture quality or development flexibility. Core to this step change in performance is our own professional video chip. This programmable chip gives us the performance and the control necessary to develop and implement the algorithms required to achieve the highest bandwidth efficiency across all delivery networks," said Dr. Giles Wilson, head of TV compression business, Ericsson. "For the past twenty years we have developed and driven the best and most advanced compression and video processing algorithms and always invested in the best technology to support them. Developing our own chip is the next logical step and came as a result of technology advances that allow us to package our algorithms into silicon and the opportunity we have to leverage Ericsson’s deep experience of chip development." "Our knowledge of the consumer landscape ensures that we are firmly positioned to see what the current trends are, and what the demands of tomorrow will be," said Ove Anebygd, vice president and head of TV, Ericsson. "We know that convenience and high quality are hugely important to consumers, and as a result we understand that video performance and network efficiency are crucial to broadcasters, TV service providers, and operators. Ericsson has been developing chips for a long time in mobile devices and networks, and as a result we are perfectly positioned to build upon this expertise to support our customers with the real-time video processing and compression solutions they require today."

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