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Ericsson completes Tandberg integration

28 January 2010

On January 25, the name Tandberg Television officially disappeared from the records, with Ericsson finally completing the integration of the company it bought in 2007.

From now on, the Ericsson brand will be used for all the company’s TV products. Along with this integration, the company is also introducing End-To-Endless Television, Ericsson E2E TV, which it says represents a milestone in its commitment to the global television and multimedia market, and brings it a step closer to realising its vision of high-quality, multiplatform, connected television.

Jan W_reby, senior vice president and head of business unit multimedia, said: “Television is a cornerstone of Ericsson’s multimedia strategy, and Tandberg Television’s market-leading technologies and expert team are at the core of this strategy. Together, we provide the technology, integration and consultancy expertise across the television, broadband and mobile arenas to empower our customers to create completely new consumer experiences. Our focus is to help broadcasters and operators to differentiate their services, drive customer loyalty and deliver new revenues.”

With television changing dramatically, moving from a one-way, one-device offering to a connected multimedia experience, consumers are demanding high-quality, personalised TV that is available anytime, anywhere and on any device. For broadcasters and operators, this creates endless opportunities to differentiate their offerings, grow market share and redefine the multimedia and communications landscape.

Drawing on decades of broadcasting, media and operator expertise, Ericsson’s vision is to make these new TV experiences a mass-market reality and to enable TV that offers the highest consumer value, operational excellence and profitable business performance.

“E2E TV is a new strategic approach that redefines the concept of being an end-to-end partner by uniquely aligning consumer demand, technology enablers and business reality,” said a company statement. “Our customers benefit from our deep insight into and understanding of what consumers want today and tomorrow, and of how that desire translates into profitable services. E2E TV is backed up with our award-winning technology, proven deployments and global prime integration and services skills to deliver a television experience that is desired, that works and is profitable.”

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