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Ericsson announces new solutions in new markets

12 September 2014
Ericsson announces new solutions in new markets

Ericsson has announced a number of solutions designed to deliver new television experiences for consumers while providing operators with the tools to increase revenue, build customer loyalty and drive new business.

The company is introducing the latest release of the IPTV platform, Ericsson Mediaroom. The latest release promises to deliver high quality live, video on demand (VOD) and time-shifted television. New features include making Restart TV a core experience; unified search functionality; an enhanced user interface that maximises full-screen viewing; and a new, more visual channel guide.

The new Ericsson Mediaroom client for ARM-based System-on-a-Chip (SoC) set top boxes will be available in the second half of 2015, equipping operators to deliver the best video quality on TV screens.

To extend the Ericsson Mediaroom platform to all screens, Ericsson is also introducing Ericsson Mediaroom Reach, a scalable solution born out of the company’s acquisition of Azuki Systems earlier this year. Ericsson Mediaroom Reach enables the deployment of OTT video to any device. Operators can securely deploy ABR video streams, ith the aim of servicing more customers and more devices.

Finally, working with third party partners including iWedia, Marvell, Kaon and Arcadyan, Ericsson is combining the ABR capabilities of Ericsson Mediaroom Reach with traditional broadcast TV offerings to provide hybrid TV delivery platforms for IP/Terrestrial, IP/Cable and IP/Satellite, allowing consumers to access both broadcast and ABR content.

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