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Epoch launches Workflow Virtualization Technology

16 April 2013
Epoch launches Workflow Virtualization Technology

Epoch introduced its Workflow Virtualization Technology for media production and distribution workflows at NAB 2013. The SaaS improves speed, bandwidth utilisation and ease of deployment for multi-site, multi-format workflows by unifying, harnessing and optimising customer’s existing IT infrastructure, as well as those of suppliers and partners and optional cloud services. Epoch monitors existing infrastructure and re-engineers workflows in realtime for maximum performance and total capacity. Epoch’s algorithms solve load balancing, task partitioning, routing, branching and contention problems to make media flow up to 40 times faster – without additional capital expenditure. Epoch features include a web app accessible from anywhere, software client installs everywhere; transcoding including ProRes, MXF, DPX, MPEG2, H.264, camera formats and many others; frame format and motion-adaptive frame rate conversion; audio leveling; multi-site, multi-format workflows across LAN and WAN; transport acceleration over UDP with http fallback mode; automatic lossless and visually lossless transport compression (user specified); intelligent routing maximises speed, minimises bandwidth utilisation (fan-out, p2p, daisy-chain, hybrid); adaptive workflows cooperate for maximum performance; automatic resource discovery and failover. “Virtualisation is difficult technology but Epoch is finally bringing it to video production and distribution. Broadcasters and studios can now focus on what workflows need to accomplish, not how to execute each step, and gain huge efficiencies as a result. What used to take days of engineering can now be setup in minutes on a web app from an airplane. Epoch uses everything you already have in realtime, along with optional cloud services, to give our algorithms workflow design freedom that just isn’t available to hand-engineered or cloud-only services,” said David Barton, CEO, Epoch.

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