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Envivio powers Kangaroo innovation

7 February 2008

With Mobile World Congress in Barcelona due to start next week, Envivio has been highlighting its role in the innovative Kangaroo TV application. Kangaroo provides handheld wireless units for rent at sporting events such as Formula One, NASCAR, NFL and golf, allowing the on-site spectators to follow coverage in sprawling events that they might otherwise miss. Envivio 4Caster MPEG-4 encoders are used by Kangaroo TV to deliver the broadcast video feeds the events, writes Adrian Pennington.

“Sports content, like racing, is notoriously difficult to encode. Our broadcasts require low bandwidth and low latency. The picture resolution must be the best quality and delivered consistently with almost no delay. This is why we selected the 4Caster encoders from Envivio,” said Jean Arseneau, executive vice president technology, and CTO at Kangaroo Media Inc.

Kangaroo TV developed the compact audio-video entertainment device as a response to calls for more added value at live events. The unit provides multiple live video feeds including replays, highlights, and in-car camera views, as well as exclusive content such as realtime information and statistics. The company says that “thousands” of units are available for rent to the public internationally and for purchase in the USA.

Available at every Formula 1 and NASCAR event around the world, the Envivio 4Caster encoders travel with Kangaroo TV for each of its broadcasts in a rugged, truck-mounted configuration. Using Formula 1 races as an example, the handsets provide trackside spectators access to all the available footage, with pits-to-car audio and exclusive data which includes timing, statistics and realtime analysis features. Each spectator becomes their own director at the event, choosing what turn on the track to watch, which driver to “ride with” or what information to review and when.

“Kangaroo TV represents a true paradigm shift in the way sports enthusiasts can follow and experience live events. Life-enhancing video services, like this unique mobile application, can now be offered anytime and anywhere. At Envivio, our encoders help make this a reality,” said Julien Sign_s, president and CEO of Envivio Inc.

The Envivio 4Caster encoders selected by Kangaroo TV provide high quality, full resolution video using a variety of bitrate options. Increased bandwidth efficiency, combined with exceptional picture quality at lower bitrates, allows service providers to expand video offerings throughout their distribution networks.

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