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Enterprise-class workflow from Grass Valley

18 April 2011
Enterprise-class workflow from Grass Valley

At NAB Grass Valley introduced a new modular software platform designed to wrap a broad range of tasks into simplified workflows. Stratus is based on a service oriented architecture to allow users to develop task-specific workflows which can be accomplished by staff working on standard computers as well as application-specific hardware.Assets stored on a Grass Valley K2 media server can be ingested, catalogued, managed, edited and played out through Stratus workflows. Because tasks are commonly handled on standard PC clients (a Mac client will be available later), users can create their own identities, laying out the workspace to suit their requirements. Wherever they log on their preferences will follow, as will the content and tools they need for the current task.“Most vendors provide a single application designed for a single user performing a specific task, without any other capabilities available to them,” said Charlie Dunn of Grass Valley. “Stratus is a common, intuitive framework that can be used by everyone within a media company, allowing one person to do many tasks from the desktop.”The SOA architecture, with functionality pushed from the server to the PC client, means it can be scaled as required. Web-enabled tools allow users to access the platform over the internet for remote access and cloud working.Its open architecture enables plug-ins to add functionality, and this provides instant compatibility with all newsroom computer systems and many asset management software platforms. While the initial release of Stratus will track assets on K2 media servers, third party plug-ins will increase the range of devices and assets that can be tracked and integrated.

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