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Ensemble Designs premieres Pro 2 scan converter

3 October 2013
Ensemble Designs premieres Pro 2 scan converter

The BrightEye Mitto Pro 2 (BEM-4) scan converter from Ensemble Designs made its European debut in September at this year’s IBC.

Ensemble Designs says the Pro 2 provides a host of advanced features for those needing to integrate video or imagery from the web or a computer into their video productions. It features high image quality, HDMI or analogue audio input, proc amp controls for image and colour correction, adjustable timing, preset memories and a test signal generator to verify signal output from the unit.

“Having tools to adjust for washed out, or blown out video, or errors in colour, is key to using material from sites like YouTube and Skype,” said John Pichitino, technology evangelist for Ensemble Designs. Pichitino also highlighted the preset memories feature, which allow instantaneous switching between multiple windows open on a single computer screen.

“Manufacturing our equipment at our facility in Grass Valley, California allows us to rapidly respond to changes in manufacturing process, discounted hardware, and the latest technology,” said David Wood, president and chief design engineer at Ensemble Designs. “The advantage to the customer is a superior product at a reduced price.”

by Michael Burns

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