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Ensemble debuts Avenue switcher

8 September 2012
Ensemble debuts Avenue switcher

The new Avenue Layering Engine from Ensemble Designs supports iPad control and monitoring. It is designed for combining audio and video content for channel branding, small master control, centralcasting, fly-pack, and OB use. The iPad interface gives the operator freedom and flexibility in switching an event or show. Also, an iPad or web browser can be used to create keyed presets that can be recalled on-air by automation systems. The Layering Engine offers two independent linear keyers, programme/preset background transitions, and audio mixing, voice over and breakaway. Overlay content from live and still sources can be re-positioned and masked. A drop shadow effect, with variable position and density, can be added to any type of overlay, either from live video or the LogoStore. Layering Engine inputs can be driven by digital signals from remote feeds, cameras, video servers, character generators, stillstore and graphics systems. Each input has a built-in frame synchroniser, which simplifies the use of wild feeds and remote feeds, says the developer. The full range of SDI signals from SD to HD and 3G formats are supported. The base configuration is 8×2 and larger systems can be configured up to 30 I/O ports. – Michael Burns8.B91

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