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End to end election graphics from wTVision

29 May 2013
End to end election graphics from wTVision

wTVision provided end-to-end graphics services for TV7 and TV7 News during the special coverage of the Parliamentary Election in Bulgaria, including graphics design creation, project implementation and operational service.

TV7 and TV7 News presented their viewers with a special election programme using a broad range of full screen graphics, tickers and augmented reality graphics. wTVision used Elections CG as the software platform, a highly customizable solution that handles all the prime functions required by a special electoral TV programme, namely Data Management and Graphics Playout in realtime.

During the special coverage, different demographic and sociological data was imported from three different sources, allowing the presentation of a wide range of interesting data comparisons. On the four following days, wTVision’s operators worked together with TV7 and TV7 News to enrich their newscasts with analysis of the final results of this Election, using the same graphics project used on the previous Sunday.

At the end of the election night, Silvia Stoyanova, brand manager and PR of TV7 stated: “Thanks for all the work and efforts wTVision’s team put into our programme. We have really nice results as rating and share, we got the biggest ever daily share in the elections day (…) our programme was in the top 50 most watched programmes this month. I’m sure wTVision’s team helped for this success. Congratulations! Hope to work together again soon.” 

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