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Emotion adds MXF loudness

25 June 2012
Emotion adds MXF loudness

Emotion Systems has announced new extensions to eFF, the Emotion File Finish software. The system is designed to automatically analyse and correct loudness violations in file-based media. The latest release supports content in MXF format containers. “MXF is established as a key component for transporting file-based media between different equipment and software,” explained MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems. “We have developed eFF to perform measurement and correction without breaking the MXF container structure. Our approach only analyses and repairs the elements that it needs to, without damaging the structure of whatever variation of MXF the customer is using.” A second major addition in the new release is the ability to support multiple languages in the user interface. “This goes hand in hand with our core philosophy of providing useful software utilities that are as easy to use as possible, deskilling processes that would be far more complex using alternatively available solutions,” added Patel. eFF automatically resolves audio loudness errors in file-based media to ensure compliance with the latest international standards, including ATSC A/85, EBU R128 and ITU-R BS 1770. The software analyses file-based media using accurate modelling of VU and PPM metering as well as loudness detection parameters. The software runs faster than real time, providing operators with a graphical display allowing them to assess any audio issues in a received file.

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