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Emmy Engineering Award for Aspera fasp

2 October 2013
Emmy Engineering Award for Aspera fasp

Aspera will receive an Emmy Engineering Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for its fasp core transport technology. The award will be presented on 23 October.

Aspera fasp is a high-speed data transfer software technology used to move digital content regardless of data size, transfer distance or network conditions. It is designed to securely transfer, track and automate the movement of large data sets over IP networks.

In the 65th Primetime Emmy Engineering Award announcement, the Television Academy stated: “Transferring file-based media with speed, integrity and security throughout the supply chain (regardless of distance) on low cost internet networks rather than shipping physical media via tapes or expensive dedicated satellite networks has proven to be an industry game changer. This is evidenced by the fact that the Aspera fasp file transfer software protocol is used on standard IP hardware to distribute content domestically and worldwide by over 1500 media organisations that include virtually all the major broadcast television networks, Hollywood studios and CG/animation houses.”

“We are grateful to the Academy and our forward-looking customers and partners in the digital media industry, who have helped drive the development and maturation of our core technology, and we are tremendously honoured to have received this award,” said Michelle Munson (pictured), Aspera CEO and co-founder. “Innovation is core to our being here at Aspera and we will continue to invest ourselves and partner with our customers to create fundamental solutions that advance all aspects of digital data movement.”

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