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Eltrona monitors quality with Volicon

25 July 2011

Eltrona Interdiffusion, the cable operator in Luxembourg, has implemented the Volicon Observer RPM remote monitoring system. Checking more than 215 digital television services, the Observer provides automatic and continuous evaluation of post-STB content, testing signal integrity, issuing alerts when errors are detected, and recording suspect content.
 “The Volicon Observer allows us to observe our broadcast products the same way they are seen by our customers,” said Ralf Werle, headend manager at Eltrona. “Rather than perform time-consuming manual zapping through all of our services several times each day, we now allow the Observer to evaluate STB output and identify any audio or video issues.
 “In cutting down the time required for monitoring tasks, the Volicon system has also cut the cost of monitoring our DTV services.”
 Using the same STBs as those issued to Eltrona subscribers, the Observer RPM provides a single system and location monitoring the content continuously. It autonomously checks for video and audio errors such as closed captioning, audio levels, and frozen or black screen. It also records the output at full frame rate and resolution.

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