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Egripment package augments reality

15 September 2013
Egripment package augments reality

To cater for virtual studios and augmented reality, Egripment has introduced a high-quality Encoding Package usable with a wide range of its support products, including cranes, remote heads, telescopic columns and camera tracking dollies.

Camera cranes for VR applications are usually expensive, but the company promises that the Encoding Package will deliver “high-quality and reliable crane operation in a much more affordable price range”. Existing Egripment cranes, such as the TDT Crane Arm, the Scanner Classic Arm, the Scanner Elite Arm and the Jan Jib System, can be upgraded with the package.

Further, optional, encoders can be fitted to its telescopic columns, crane dollies on track and other add-ons to its main products.

The tracking interface provides information obtained from all measured axes via Ethernet, allowing multiple systems to be operated on one network, and tracking data can be easily integrated with graphics software.

A camera data mode, where the camera parameters (eg FoV, XYZ, PTR) are calculated at the interface electronics itself, means users don’t have to home or do elaborate calibration of the system.

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