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EditShare expands ArkTape range

17 June 2013
EditShare expands ArkTape range

EditShare has expanded its Ark Tape library product offering, an energy-efficient media backup and archiving system that fully integrates with the company’s high-performance shared storage and asset management solutions.

Powered by HP’s robust LTO technology, the new Ark Tape libraries are available today in 2U/24-slot and 4U/48-slot configurations, and offer a broad choice of storage capacity and interfaces. The units support LTO-6 or LTO-5 tape drives with SAS or Fibre Channel connectivity.

Web-based remote management makes the EditShare Ark Tape libraries easy to manage from across the room or across the globe. Users can also easily manage tape media both in and out of the library with an included bar code reader, configurable mail slots and multiple 12-slot removable magazines. Users can increase capacity and/or performance by adding tape drives or stacking two libraries together into one larger unit.

The optional EditShare Ark Tape Library Extender kit connects two tape libraries together, creating a new single, logical library that shares cartridges and drives.

Designed for EditShare’s own 24-, 48-, 72- and 96-slot tape libraries, and also compatible with LTO tape libraries from manufacturers such as HP, Quantum and SpectraLogic, Ark Tape facilitates creation of any number of “Tape Pools” (groups of tapes); for example, one for an entire organization, one for each customer or project, or separate pools for on-site and off-site. Users can easily copy or migrate media and related files from “online” to “offline” storage, verify backed up data, and receive notifications when transfers are completed.

Ark Tape jobs are “incremental.” Users can start copying files today, run the same job in the future, and only files that have been changed or added are copied. Users can search for archived material, view automatically generated proxy files, and restore files or entire EditShare Spaces using EditShare Flow Browse.

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