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Editing to the Max

31 March 2008

Maximum Throughput is planning to unveil its new MAXedit Server Edition, billed as a cost-effective, server-based workgroup editing system. This marks the first time the company has entered into the NLE market.

The MAXedit Server Edition allows broadcasters to set-up multi-seat HD/SD editing workgroups simply and cost-effectively. Rather than incurring the prohibitive costs of buying and networking expensive, dedicated HD/SD workstations, MAXedit Server Edition provides the same functionality at what the company says is an affordable price point. Multiple users can access and edit HD and SD video content using a rich editing toolset and fluid user interface from the convenience of their web browser.

Multiple compressed and uncompressed SD/HD formats are supported, including HDV, DVCPRO and MPEG-2 formats widely used in today’s newsrooms. By virtue of its server-based design, MAXedit also substantially reduces congestion on Local Area Networks (LANs), while still enabling realtime editing of HD/SD material.

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