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Ediflo Pro for general release

22 March 2016
Claire McHugh, CEO of Axonista.

Axonista is making its Ediflo Pro Platform available for general release.

The cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system, which is already in use by the Qyou, will be released in Q3 2016.

The technology is designed to allow broadcasters to deliver video services to their audiences via Object-Based Broadcasting (OBB).

According to Axonista, Ediflo Pro is the first platform of its kind to be engineered from the ground up for OBB workflows. Its API-based delivery model reportedly means that it enhances existing investment in linear broadcast technology, rather than replacing it.

‘’For decades, TV has used graphics systems to enhance the primary broadcast with captions, tickers, stats tables, charts, photos, additional video footage, you name it,” said Claire McHugh (pictured), CEO of Axonista.

“But, up to now, the graphics have always been ‘baked in’ to the picture. This is fine on the big screen in the living room, but it’s a big disconnect for viewers, especially millennials and those using touchscreen devices, where the expectation is that graphics are tappable and interactive.

“Ediflo has been designed to help broadcasters move away from broken TV experiences on mobile and instead create intuitive experiences which are inherently richer, more personalised and much more engaging.”

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