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EBU to examine media network technologies at Geneva seminar later this month

9 June 2011

The event – subtitled ‘Interconnecting your media networks’ – will be held in conjunction with the SMPTE at EBU headquarters in Geneva from 28-29 June.

Billed as an annual point of rendezvous for European broadcasters, the seminar will explore current technological changes and consider viable networking options for the future. All over IP and hybrid B2B broadcast approaches, network measurement and management, standard developments and media storage will be among the many subjects under the spotlight.

The 2011 EBU network seminar takes place during a period in which media networks are assuming ever-greater complexity. An increasing number of broadcasters are specifying all-IP solutions for contribution and shared storage systems, but there are still concerns about reliability, quality of service and applicability to the special requirements of media services.

During the seminar, an afternoon will be dedicated to interactive, small group tutorials, with four topics to be addressed in detail: broadcast media for network specialists; audio over IP – standards, protocols, best practices for migrating from ISDN; video over IP – standards, protocols, best practices; and media storage fundamentals – guaranteeing predictable performance.

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