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EBU Technology: what comes next?

21 December 2006

As soon as we’re confident that we’ve mastered the latest production technologies, something new appears. The challenge never ends. This is why the upcoming EBU Production Technology Seminar, with its mix of user reports, demonstrations and tutorials, is an important rendezvous to learn, clarify and discuss the most pressing issues in production technology, writes Fergal Ringrose.

The 30 January and 1 February EBU Production Technology Seminar, which is open to EBU members and non-members alike, is a key opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience. Prominent broadcasters will have stories to tell about their recent encounters (both good and not-so-good) with new production facilities.

They will provide a wealth of hard-won experience, particularly in display, storage, audio and compression technologies. A series of manufacturer demonstrations in TV and audio technology will complement the user-oriented sessions.

The agenda topics to be covered include Wrappers and Metadata (MXF); Compression in Production; Audio Technologies; Content repurposing for DVD, Handhelds and Digital Cinema; Third generation HDTV; Systems Integration; and Production in Hostile Environments.

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