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EBU puts Greek ERT back on air

14 June 2013
EBU puts Greek ERT back on air

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) yesterday took the step of putting Greek broadcaster ERT’s news coverage back on air, allowing Greek satellite subscribers to watch NET, the station’s news channel, on television.

Until yesterday afternoon, ERT’s output was only available via a live stream on the EBU website, redirected from ERT’s signal and carried back to EBU headquarters in Geneva. Engineers at the company have now facilitated a retransmission of ERT’s signal, via EBU’s Athens earth station.

Despite the government’s order to cease broadcast operations, NET’s news programmes reappeared on Greek screens yesterday at around 3.45pm.  In addition, the signal is being made available to a global audience via satellites in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The decision to keep ERT on air, and to continue the production of NET’s programmes at its Thessaloniki studios, was made by the EBU executive board on Wednesday 12 June.

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