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EBU opens platforms for Winter Games

16 February 2006

Tandberg Television has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Californian IP delivery company SkyStream, and under the terms of the agreement, Tandberg will acquire privately-held SkyStream for a mix of cash and Tandberg shares.

Following on from the success of Olympic Games Athens 2004, and to complement comprehensive TV footage, an estimated 40million European internet broadband users have comprehensive access to both live and on-demand video footage of the Winter Olympic Games.

Pan-European broadband internet users are able to watch at a time of their choosing, a selection of live and highlight packages available on a number of broadcaster and sublicensee web sites.

Broadcasters and sublicensees showing broadband content including ORF (Austria); TV2 (Denmark); ETV (Estonia); France Télévisions (France); ARD and ZDF (Germany); RUV (Iceland); RAI (Italy); NPB (Netherlands); NRK (Norway); TVP (Poland); SVT (Sweden) SF, TSR and TSI (Switzerland); BBC (United Kingdom); Eurosport and Wanadoo (France); Tiscali (UK); Wanadoo (UK).

European mobile subscribers can complement their TV viewing by accessing live and on-demand moving image clips over their mobile phones. In addition to broadcaster WAP sites, a number of European mobile operators are offering Winter Games moving image content packages over the latest 3G mobile networks across a wide range of countries including Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia and Norway.

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