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EBU looks beyond HD

6 September 2012
EBU looks beyond HD

The ‘Beyond HDTV’ demonstration on the EBU exhibit has been set up to serve several purposes, starting with a clarification of what 4K means to cinema (4096×2160) and to television (3840×2160). The serious element starts with Ultra Hi Def in 50p, and the application of HEVC video coding at various bit rates.  “It is an experimental environment, “ said Hans Hoffman, head of media fundamentals and production at the EBU. “4K displays for the home will carry a premium, but market take up of 15% will be the point when broadcasters get nervous. The question is, will the premium channels jump on it? And does Hi Def as it is look competitive enough now?” The EBU is providing test sequences (4K 50p) and will provide stereoscopic sequences in 1080 50p per eye and at some exceptionally high frame rates – 100Hz and 120Hz. This is to allow EBU members to perform scientific tests on potential formats. “For broadcasters it is absolutely clear there is no more space available for any future formats. Whatever they want to do it has to fit in the space we have today for HDTV,” said Hoffman. “We can show 4K at 50p with HEVC video encoding in exactly the same bit rates as we use today for HDTV. And it is up to the audiences here to make a decision whether the images are remarkably good of whether they see artifacts.” Is this the picture quality consumers can expect in the home? “Artifacts are very typical for compression,” said Hoffman. “We of course have certain artifacts at given bit rates, and on critical sequences less artifacts. As we increase the bit rates, the artifacts disappear.” – George Jarrett

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