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earthTV to bring HD and 3D quality

1 October 2012
earthTV to bring HD and 3D quality

earthTV is to introduce HD and 3D coverage to its global network and provide access for broadcasters and buyers to the programmes on The World Live platform – 24/7. The changes are part of a new approach to the company introduced by media entrepreneurs Nikolaus and Claudius Lohmann who took over the company from Telcast earlier this year. "We want to re-awaken the world of broadcasting to the quality, richness and range of earthTV programmes and footage." said Nik Lohmann. "At the moment we reach more than two billion television and online viewers in more than 150 countries every day and we are confident that we can bring our programmes and footage to other outlets that would benefit from our high quality coverage. “We strongly believe in connecting the power of the traditional TV world with modern new media. earthTV is not only a beautiful product connecting the world Live, but also has a very successful history on television and we will add new technologies and multimedia synergies to expand its possibilities in all media.” He added. "earthTV uses its patented, proprietary high quality TV camera systems made exclusively by our own engineers,” said Claudius Lohmann. “They are carefully positioned and remote controlled with 360 degree pans so can they can capture the best vistas, human life as it takes place on a day to day basis, and major events and activities that occur within their scope in cities across the world." New custom build 15-kilo lightweight cameras are to be deployed to bring HD quality pictures and their flexibility will enable broadcasters to set up networks to reflect the best of their country back to their viewers. "We have a strong pedigree," said Nik. "This is the 10th anniversary of earthTV and we are about to broadcast our 100,000th programme. With our new approach we are bringing in changes that will be attractive to broadcasters, online providers and our audiences around the

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