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News chooses Marquis integration

15 August 2012 chooses Marquis integration

South African broadcaster has installed Marquis Broadcast’s Medway software tool kit, which delivers integration between its broadcast content applications. “Medway unifies multi-vendor systems,” explained Chris Steele, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “At Medway now integrates the broadcast and editing systems ensuring technical and operational workflows are optimised between Pebble Beach Systems MAM and automation with Mac-based Avid editors and Omneon video servers. “This allows the systems to capture and manage the media before sending material across to the Avids for editing,” continued Steele. “As a result, the file-based integration of the MAM and production departments have been enabled with increased flexibility and speed of production.” “Marquis was selected because Medway is the only solution that had the capability and the flexibility to integrate the required elements without compromising the performance/capability of the individual systems,” said Dave Stewart, group chief engineer, “Pebble Beach Systems creates EDLs that detail a shot list of material required within the editing system using their MAM/browse systems and then passing the EDL to Medway. Medway then moves the hi-res content into the chosen Mac based Avid workstation. Once the editor has completed the work the finished sequence is sent back to Medway which in-turn sends a flattened version of the sequence back to an Omneon video server. Pebble Beach Systems sees the newly arriving material and makes it available to its automation systems.”


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