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Dynamic workflows from Digital Rapids Kayak

18 April 2012
Dynamic workflows from Digital Rapids Kayak

Claimed to be a significant departure from other workflow technology approaches, the new Kayak transcoding and transmission platform from Digital Rapids allows users, systems integrators and software developers to design, deploy and manage customised workflows. Because only the specific processes that are required for the workflow are needed, each process is compact, fast and cost-effective. The result should be operational efficiency and agility. “The exploding opportunity and ongoing, consumer-driven shifts in the media and entertainment market require content owners to radically change how they think about their media operations,” said Brick Eksten, president of Digital Rapids. “Kayak’s innovative workflow approach lets them harness technology, streamline their operations and quickly turn their ideas into execution, freeing them to focus on their real value proposition – their content.”  Kayak includes a design tool running on a web browser. Users drag and drop to create a functional signal flow which is then processed to validate the design and select the software modules required to achieve it. Digital Rapids is looking at a number of business models, including the ability to lease modules while they are required, and to host processes in the cloud as a software as a service. The company is partnering with Microsoft to make Kayak available through Windows Azure Media Services. The modular structure of Kayak is also used to power version 2.0 of the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software platform.


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