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DVS releases Pronto4K recorder

30 January 2012
DVS releases Pronto4K recorder

The new Pronto4K disk recorder from DVS can cope with compressed or uncompressed material from HD to 4K resolution to be played out as well as compressed or uncompressed SD, HD and 2K material to be captured in real time, writes David Fox.

It supports a variety of file formats, plus 3D play-out at up to 2K resolution, making it usefully versatile for broadcast, post production and presentation projects.

It is also useful as a play-out device for video walls or LCD screens. Content is played out via one HDMI 1.4a or four HDMI 1.3 interfaces, while stereoscopic material can be played out via one HDMI 1.4a, two HDMI 1.3 or two 3Gbps SDI interfaces which also makes it suitable for the 3D market.

Users can select from a variety of options to build on the powerful base version to suit their particular requirements. The synchronization of multiple Pronto4K recorders makes it suited to demanding multi-screen presentations.

Compressed formats it supports include as MPEG, DVCPRO, AVC-Intra, XDCAM and DNxHD, which can be processed in the timeline without conversion. The data can also be worked upon directly using the DVS disk recorder thanks to extensive editing and conforming functions.

Pronto4K can be controlled via SOAP or a Web service, and as open systems, all members of the Pronto family are easily added into existing workflows.

"Our Pronto family of disk recorders has long excelled thanks to their robustness, reliability and multi-device mode option for synchronization. In particular, Pronto4K is especially suited to the latest generation of 4K projectors as it can play out uncompressed 4K material,” said Juergen Heger, Senior Product Manager at DVS.


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