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DVS boosts Avid workflows

11 January 2012
DVS boosts Avid workflows

The DVS Venice server now offers a tight integration with Avid Isis shared storage and Interplay production asset management. It provides a powerful alternative ingest path for networked Avid editing, and thanks to DVS’ ‘edit while write’ function, it means editors can start work as soon as the material starts to arrive.

Spycer, the content control system in the DVS server platform, can access Avid Isis and Interplay directly. Venice already has the ability to ingest both realtime video from HD-SDI or files in common acquisition formats. The unique integration means that as soon as the ingest starts the content bridges the link between the Spycer and the Isis networks and becomes available to all connected workstations.
 The system administrator can determine whether content is to reside on the DVS or the Avid storage networks, or on both in parallel. The result, it is claimed, is a powerful architecture for central ingest in diversified production and storage architectures.
 According to Neil Blake, technology partner manager at Avid, “Thanks to the unique combination of Avid and DVS, our customers’ production processes are even faster and more seamless.”
 For DVS, Niklas Fabian added: “For a long time now DVS has been committed to ensuring its systems are compatible with those from other manufacturers. When developing our Venice video server we placed a huge amount of emphasis on ensuring that it integrates seamlessly into any environment in the broadcast arena.” 

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