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DVnor builds file-based media facility around AmberFin iCR

24 April 2013
DVnor builds file-based media facility around AmberFin iCR

Oslo-based media facility DVnor has completed an infrastructure expansion project that sees it basing its digital file-based workflows on the AmberFin iCR software platform. DVnor’s adoption of file-based workflows enables the media facility to create file-based masters. These masters are subsequently transcoded into a number of formats to service Scandinavian customers such as iTunes, Netflix and IPTV VOD service providers. On this project, AmberFin has worked closely with its regional channel partner, Danmon Norge. “AmberFin iCR has become the heart of our rapidly growing media facility,” explained Ola Rogndokken, managing director of DVnor. “The ingest and encoding elements of iCR enable us to create content in our mezzanine format quickly and efficiently, whilst the system’s advanced QC capabilities ensures that the media files are high quality at the earliest stages of our workflow.” The workflow is designed to support both file- and tape-based media formats. AmberFin iCR is able to operate as an integrated all in one ingest, transcode and QC solution with the option of operating each element individually. AmberFin’s development programme ensures that new formats and codecs are added to the platform. As a result, DVNor is able to create a digital master file and then transcode, QC and store at least 30 different format variants of that file. “AmberFin has revolutionised the way we work in every part of our enterprise operations,” continued Rogndokken. “Each production routine has changed and become more efficient. AmberFin has opened doors for us that we did not even know existed before the platform was installed. It is the main engine within our business and it is fuelling tremendous growth that will see us open an entirely new media facility in southern Norway next year.” For Danmon Norge, this strategic project has transformed a leading Scandinavian media facility by adopting a single production platform. “With the help of AmberFin, we have succeeded in revolutionising the entire workflow at DVnor,” stated Øivind Iversen, managing director at Danmon Norge. “The new platform increases workflow efficiency, supports operational staff in new ways, extends format versatility, and ensures the highest levels of quality control within an increasingly automated working environment.”

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