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DVB-T2 monitoring and analysis from Bridge Technologies

6 March 2012

The 2012 NAB Show sees the launch of what is claimed to be the world’s first complete monitoring and analysis solution for DVB-T2. Bridge Technologies’ DVB-T2 system has been popular with European operators for its characteristics in single frequency networks, and its 30% bandwidth efficiency gain over DVB-T. Bridge Technologies will display the VideoBRIDGE VB330, the first product to be based on the company’s 10GB architecture, offering what they say is the highest performance-to-form-factor ratio available in the monitoring and analysis sector. With three blades fitting in a single 1-RU chassis and each VB330 probe having two 10GB interfaces, the system can deliver a 60GB monitoring capability. Designed for extremely high-density applications at points of maximum data throughput in today’s 10GB core networks, the VB330’s capacity offers telco’s, network operators, and digital media organisations a monitoring solution with the potential for scaling to match almost any level of throughput. Designed for real-world use by engineers on the road, the VB12-RF packs every required broadcast and IP interface into a ruggedised chassis with a form factor smaller than a laptop computer. It has a wide range of built-in interfaces for RF, ASI, and IP, full TR 101 290 alarming and analysis, and supports all media transportation codecs. The VB252 is part of the industry’s first complete monitoring solution for DVB-T2, including the T2-MI protocol. The dual-input VB252 provides external GPS lock for accurate drift monitoring for SFN networks, high-quality MER measurement, and level readings. SU9819


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