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DVB Project to debut DVB-SH at NAB

6 March 2008

In a first for NAB, the DVB booth will play host to a live demonstration of the new DVB-SH standard for the delivery of video, audio and data services to small handheld devices using S-band frequencies, writes Fergal Ringrose.

Screens on the booth will display live content delivered using DVB-SH technology from terrestrial repeaters fed by a satellite distribution network and visitors will be invited to join ICO Global Communications for a mobile demo in a specially equipped van outside the LVCC.

DVB will also highlight the economies of scale that have been achieved through the deployment of open standards for digital television specifically through the adoption of DVB-T for digital terrestrial TV. A display of DVB-T set-top boxes from around the world will emphasise that DVB-T offers a low-cost solution with the greatest flexibility to meet individual market needs for the deployment and take-up in the switch from analogue to digital.

Other elements of the booth will include: an update on DVB-T2, a second generation terrestrial transmission system that will provide a minimum 30% increase in payload capacity than DVB-T under similar reception circumstances, and the progress of the adoption of DVB-H as the most widely used standard for mobile TV worldwide. DVB’s open, interoperable standards form the basis of services on every continent with more than 170 million receivers now deployed.

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