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DV showcases Precision

2 February 2011
DV showcases Precision

Digital Vision is highlighting its new Precision Panel control surface at BVE, as well as the latest developments in its well-regarded Nucoda Film Master grading and finishing system.

The slim Precision panel from Digital Vision includes new features such as four track balls, panel touch, screen tactile control surface and virtual keyboard. The high-res full colour screen with touch technology also includes intuitive operation, a clearer display and a higher level of detail on the status and settings of the project, timeline and effects. The panel sees a reduced number of controls while maintaining optimal functionality and is slated to ship in Q1 2011.

Digital Vision will be demonstrating its comprehensive colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, Nucoda Film Master, delivering digital cinema content up to 4k. Used by clients such as Pixar Animation Studios on Toy Story 3, Nucoda Film Master creates complex looks and visual styles for animation, 2k/4k film and stereoscopic 3D. Coupled with over 20 years of image science culminating in the Digital Vision Optics (DVO) suite of enhancement tools, Nucoda Film Master ensures some of the highest quality imagery available.

Stand: L30

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