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Dubai Media installs two SSL C100 HDS consoles

10 May 2010
Dubai Media installs two SSL C100 HDS consoles

The desks have been fitted in two new remote OB vans as part of the network’s move into HD broadcast. The 32-fader C100 HDS consoles primarily support live-to-air coverage of horse-racing at the much-discussed new Meydan Racecourse, as well as other local and international sporting events.


The positive experience with a C100 HD in the main studio is said to have helped Dubai Media with its decision to use the C100 HDS consoles in the new vans.


“The new OB trucks were initially commissioned for the new Meydan Racecourse horse-racing venue in Dubai,” said John Fee, outside broadcast manager for Dubai Media, Inc. “The trucks were outfitted with the latest generation, high end HD equipment, so we needed consoles to match that quality. The C100 HDS consoles were the right size, offering us great system flexibility and an easy learning curve. We have had a good relationship with SSL through the experience we’ve had with the C100 HD console in our main studio, so continuing this relationship was an easy choice.”


The Meydan Racecourse is spread over 76 million square feet and features a world class grandstand that spans over a kilometer and boasts a seating capacity of up to 60,000 guests. The grandstand features a five star hotel, more than ten restaurants, an IMAX cinema and a massive rooftop swimming pool, and provides a home for the Meydan Museum and Dubai Racing Club. The two OB vans provide live coverage for such high-profile events as the Dubai World Cup for horse-racing and the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Finals.


“We expect the SSL C100 HDS consoles to run audio for the over 1,400 programming days planned for this year covering all types of sporting events,” said Fee. “The sound quality the C100 HDS delivers is, in a word, perfect, which helps us capture the excitement for live broadcast. As we have Dolby encoding in both vans, the SSL consoles are surround ready when we move into full surround broadcasting of the sporting events. ”

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