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DSPECIALISTS and Stage Tec partner for Nexus

3 July 2014
DSPECIALISTS and Stage Tec partner for Nexus

DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme and Stage Tec have cooperated on the patented ISOSTEM processing. The upmix and downmix algorithm was developed by DSPECIALISTS and will be licensed for the Stage Tec audio network system Nexus. It will be available on a new dsp board (XDSP).

The ISOSTEM function in the Nexus system will be equal to the ISOSTEM hardware version ‘Live’, which works with pre-defined factory presets. Individual presets can be created with the hardware version expert and imported to the ISOSTEM plug-in in the Nexus.

ISOSTEM is an upmix system that generates surround sound from stereo signals in realtime and is suited for use in broadcasting, studios and post production. It is the only upmix system that is fully compatible with stereo, the companies claim, delivering a surround stem that downmixes exactly to the original stereo.

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