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Drones hit European skies

14 September 2013
Drones hit European skies

Early next year Europe could see certified professional usage drones from LiveU and partner Virtual Robotix hitting the skies for sports, news and homeland security footage from the air.

LiveU is showcasing the drone that it created with Italian technology partner, Virtual Robotix, on its stand. LiveU created the LU40 unit for the drone, which contains four modems, a battery with 3.5-hour capacity, and web management control to provide broadcasters with a single mechanism for flight, camera and transmission operation.

Looking for a collaborative partnership, LiveU approached Virtual Robotix with the unit to develop a drone that could be certified to professional levels especially for the broadcast industry, although it is expected that the product will also be of interest to military and police.

LiveU and Virtual Robotix are now awaiting regulatory decisions on flight regulation and privacy throughout Europe in order for the drone to be able to go commercial. Ronen Artman, vice president of marketing at LiveU, commented: “There is a growing demand for this type of device from broadcasters and the media. Once European regulation is done and clear, we can go ahead with the commercial launch of the drone.

“Regulators will have to look at both sides of the coin on this, including the evil side, to decide who can operate this device and for what usage, so it remains in the right hands,” he added.

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