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DR orchestrating news channel with Mosart

3 May 2011

Danish national broadcaster DR is using the Mosart automation system to drive DR Update, an all-day television news channel distributed via satellite, terrestrial, and internet streaming.

As a result of the decision, DR becomes the first broadcaster to use Mosart automation integrated with Snell’s Morpheus platform.

DR uses Mosart with Morpheus to switch between DR Update’s live news production and its alternate 20-minute looping sections, allowing the studio to work on new production while retaining the ability to simultaneously modify the loop being played out from continuity.

The integration of Mosart with Morpheus expands the system’s capabilities by making Mosart as-run logs available to Morpheus, automatically transferring the news as-run between Mosart and Morpheus. This enables a flexible operation, including changes to story-itemised looping playlists running on Morpheus.

For news broadcasters, the integrated systems provides a secure means of managing the transition between live gallery production and looped segments in continuity.

Support for Snell’s Morpheus is a new feature of the current version of the Mosart automation system and also of v3.0, which made its debut at the 2011 NAB Show.

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