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DPA’s new surround mic

14 May 2007

DPA Microphones has launched an innovative new solution for microphone placement and mounting at AES Vienna 2007. The D3 Decca Tree – also available as the S5 Surround Kit – is a flexible, lightweight and elegant mounting solution optimised both for use with DPA microphones and other brands.

The D3/S5 has been designed to meet market demand for a Decca Tree and a Surround Tree in one flexible format. “We felt this was something that would fit extremely well into the DPA portfolio,” says DPA director of sales, Morten Stove. “Given our capability of manufacturing precisely matched microphones, it makes sense to offer a carefully designed mounting accessory which can accommodate between three and five matched microphones, giving a huge range of possibilities when it comes to surround recording.”

The new surround mount is extremely flexible and can be configured for most desired surround set-ups. A cable management system integrates all cables inside the mount for a clean look, which is especially desirable in fixed installations. The D3/S5 also incorporates a new, innovative measuring tool designed by DPA to calculate the precise angles of the microphones.

“We are confident that in launching the D3/S5, we are filling a gap in the market for microphone mounting for surround recording,” says Stove. “There is really nothing else available that looks as good while providing the flexibility and accuracy of the D3/S5.”

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