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DPA microphones partners with The Riverside Company

17 December 2013
DPA microphones partners with The Riverside Company

Danish manufacturer DPA Microphones will begin 2014 with global private equity firm The Riverside Company as its new partner. Riverside’s investment in DPA Microphones will allow DPA to expand its operation and grow the company at a faster pace.

"DPA is already a very successful and profitable company, which has been experiencing a 15% increase in sales, year on year, for the last five years," commented DPA’s CFO Christian Hoff (pictured, right). "With Riverside involved, we anticipate even stronger sales growth in the next five years."

Under the terms of the new deal, DPA’s CEO Christian Poulsen (pictured, left) and CFO Christian Hoff have retained their current positions in management and on the board, along with a 40% shareholding. Riverside is now the majority shareholder and will also have representation on the DPA board. Riverside previously invested in German loudspeaker company Teufel, which was successfully divested in 2010. More recently Riverside acquired BLUE Microphones, a US manufacturer of consumer and performance microphones and related products.

Riverside Partner Thomas Blomqvist said that Riverside saw DPA Microphones as an attractive partner because it has an innovative and well-designed product range and an international reputation for delivering outstanding quality and durability. “This is a solid foundation for further growth, and Riverside’s global network and experience in the audio industry should help propel DPA to further success,” he said.

"For our day to day operation, it is business as usual," Poulsen said. "What has changed is our ability to capitalise on our current success and make this even more significant in the future. This investment will allow us to develop new technologies and new products at a much faster pace. It will also allow us to move into new markets and attract more good people to our brand, while still properly supporting our existing customer and partner base."

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