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Doremi to equip the Cannes Film Festival for 2K and 4K screenings

14 May 2012
Doremi to equip the Cannes Film Festival for 2K and 4K screenings

In 2003, when Doremi first installed its servers at Cannes for the screening of James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss, it initiated a relationship of trust between Cannes and digital technology. Since then, with the development of innovative technologies for digital cinema, Doremi’s involvement at the Festival has expanded. The company has now reached a prominent position in the Festival’s organisation and plays a major role in the presentation of all films, both in the Official Selection and other presentations. In previous years, industry partners working with the Festival used Doremi servers. Now Doremi has signed a direct partnership with the Festival organisation that runs though to 2014. For Cannes 2012, a total of forty DCP-2000 digital cinema servers and IMB (Integrated Media Block) / ShowVault solutions (pictured) will be used to provide 2K and 4K playback. Attendees can also find a wide range of Doremi Cinema solutions in the Film Market at partnering companies’ booths such as Decipro. These will include the latest playback systems as well as Fidelio and CaptiView which are designed to enhance the movie experience for the visually and hearing impaired.

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