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Don’t drop the Pilot

26 June 2007

Recognising there was a gap in the Steadicam line up for an affordable image stabiliser system compatible with the modern breed of lightweight broadcast standard video/DVD cameras from 2-10lbs, manufacturer Tiffen has announced the launch of a new model, the Steadicam Pilot.

The Pilot slots logically in to the range between the entry level pro-am Merlin and the pro Flyers and incorporates many of the of the technological features which has established the brand as the established market leader in the sector.

The Pilot concept is a complete ‘system’ approach so that it can be used straight out of the box, right down to having its own dedicated ultra lightweight vest ensuring operator comfort when tackling demanding shots or during extended shooting sessions.

Other features include Steadicam’s renowned ‘Iso-Elastic’ arm which is a ‘no tools’ design that will deliver frictionless, silky smooth performance throughout an impressive 28″ boom lifting range, with adjustments crucially made on the fly.

For maximum operator fine tuning, the 3.5″ LCD standard monitor, the sled with its three axis low mass gimbal and the battery mounts, can all be positioned to suit personal preferences.

The system will be available from specialist broadcast equipment dealers at a pricepoint of _2,200 excluding VAT.

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