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Dolby Digital Plus selected for Turkish DVB-T2

8 May 2013
Dolby Digital Plus selected for Turkish DVB-T2

Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), together with the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), recently published its minimum spec for DVB-T2 receivers. Dolby Digital Plus was identified as a required element of the specification for both HD and SD functionality.

“We’re delighted to see the inclusion of Dolby Digital Plus in the Turkish DVB-T2 standard. It demonstrates the Turkish government’s drive to provide a first-class experience for all consumers and a high-efficiency solution for broadcasters,” said Fritz Deininger, Regional Director, Central Europe, Dolby Laboratories. “The adoption of the DVB-T2 standards for SD and HD broadcasts in Turkey ensures efficient use of limited spectrum. This plays a key role in transforming digital broadcasting in Turkey, and we look forward to working closely with broadcasters to deliver improved services across the region.”

According to Dolby, the performance and flexibility of Dolby Digital Plus is ideal for limited-bandwidth environments such as terrestrial broadcasts. It allows broadcasters to deliver authentic, high-quality audio in a single, bandwidth-efficient stream to mono, stereo and 5.1 channel systems, removing the need to simulate multiple streams. Dolby Digital Plus works across DTT, satellite, cable and IP – future proofing audio delivery to all platforms for everyone, everywhere. Its flexibility also means that it can deliver the true excitement of the original soundtrack to a variety of other multimedia platforms, including online, tablets and mobiles.

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