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Doctor Who and Casualty start on Alexa

12 September 2011
Doctor Who and Casualty start on Alexa

Flagship BBC One TV series Doctor Who and Casualty have both begun shooting using the Arri Alexa digital cinema cameras, writes Adrian Pennington.

Arri Product Manager Cameras and Lenses Marc Shipman-Mueller confirmed the switch to Alexa’s for both shows which have been supplied by Bristol based rental and post facility Films@59. At least half a dozen models will be used for the high volume fast turnaround shows.

The camera has already been used to shoot Luther, Game of Thrones and Sirens and is a popular choice among cinematographers and feature film makers. It is currently being used to shoot World War Z in the UK (starring Brad Pitt), and The Avengers.

In addition, TVBEurope understands that the latest Bond movie directed by Sam Mendes, with cinematography by Roger Deakins, has also selected Alexa.

The Cameron Pace Group has taken exclusive delivery of multiple prototypes of the Alexa M, which is being dubbed ‘Marie Antoinette ‘by the Arri team because the ‘M’ is an Alexa which has had its optical head divorced from its body.

"The M has been developed by Arri with heavy input from CPG while CPG has devised a rig with heavy input from Arri,” said Shipman-Mueller.

The rig was shown with two Alexa M’s mounted on Arri’s IBC show stand. CPG are working to integrate the Fusion system to the rig. When feedback from CPG is complete, Arri will release the camera to market. They are aiming for NAB 2012.

CPG are testing the Alexa M on several projects and while Arri would not confirm if its camera had been chosen for Avatar 2 there is growing evidence to suggest that this is indeed the case.

The Alexa is a digital 35mm camera recording Apple QT / ProRes 4444 to 2x SxS Pro memory cards.

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