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DNF and EVS combine

5 November 2009

DNF Controls and EVS Broadcast Equipment have joined forces to provide a high-performance server and controller combination for live production.

EVS has long positioned its XS server as an increasingly powerful VTR replacement solution, but the company is now upping the ante by claiming that “the power of the XS is fully unlocked” by DNF Controls’ 2044CL Clip Instant Access Controller.

“The 2044CL gets clips to air fast with the touch of just one very powerful button,” says a statement. “Load a single video clip, a fill clip/key clip combination, or six channels of clips. Use the 30 Shotbox keys to access up to 300 single clips or multiple clip combinations. The 2044CL gives you fast, simple, precise, reliable, and repeatable control over the XS in the fast-paced broadcast and production environments. Merge pre-recorded video clips with live production, harness the power of monitor walls and other display systems, and load and play news segments, graphics, animations, highlights, and promos.”

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