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DNA first with DVB-T2 commercial SFN

13 May 2011

The Finnish digital television operator DNA is rolling out the first commercial DVB-T2 single-frequency network using digital modulation technology from TeamCast, writes David Fox.

DNA has been working with DVB-T2 since tests in 2009, and is now moving to the more efficient SFN mode. It now has three HD multiplexes using DVB-T2 and MPEG-4, which should cover over 80% of Finnish terrestrial TV households by the end of 2011.

The advanced DVB-T2 modules it is using from TeamCast offer Multiple Inputs, Single Output (MISO) transmission modes and Multi-service layered modulation allowing the processing of eight parallel Physical Layer Pipe inputs (Multi-PLP).

TeamCast had to rapidly implement several sophisticated technical parameters to meet the demanding time and performance requirements of the project.

"With the cutting edge technology from TeamCast we are confident to meet all challenges in our DVB-T2 roll-out," said Kari Ruopsa, DNA’s Head of Department, Television Networks. "Modern IP-connectivity in their equipment and advanced features like SFN help us to deliver excellent customer experience in terrestrial HDTV. Our target is to cover more than 80% of Finnish households, and TeamCast equipment has fulfilled our expectations from the technology piloting in early 2010 to the current commercial network roll-out."

“The DVB-T2 standard offers a higher spectral efficiency of 30-50% over DVB-T and more robustness. In Finland, it’s clearly the response for its commercial deployment to offer HDTV for households and for DNA Ltd for a high capacity network. This commercial deployment is the first one in SFN, it’s a non-conventional and ambitious deployment," said Serge Mal, TeamCast’s Executive Vice-President and General Manager.

"As TeamCast is an active member of the DVB-T2 ecosystem and has a proven knowledge in this new and promising technology, TeamCast has been naturally chosen for its capacity to provide products to operate SFN networks in full compliance with the DVB-T2 standard," he added.

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