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DMC hits 10th HD feed milestone

20 September 2010
DMC hits 10th HD feed milestone

The Digital Media Centre (DMC) has won the deal to playout the Outdoor Channel to the EMEA region, making it the third HD channel launch it has undertaken this year alone and the tenth it oversees in total.

The channel, which has broadcast in the US since 1994, was launched throughout EMEA on 13th September under a new exclusive programming agreement between Outdoor Channel and Chello Zone. This is the DMC’s third HD channel launch this year and the tenth HD launch since 2006. Leading international broadcaster Chello Zone has launched the EMEA feed with exclusive access to programming from the Outdoor Channel’s extensive library of HD content.

ChelloZone will digitally deliver all content to the DMC. From there, the Outdoor Channel will be played out as a fully scheduled HD satellite service via the DMC’s T12 satellite. Further carriage deals are in discussion for launch throughout EMEA in the coming months. The channel will also be available in standard definition.

Robin Kroes, VP Commercial, Operations and Corporate Development of DMC, said: “The launch of the Outdoor Channel is our 10th HD feed, the third HD feed this year, and is a great addition to the portfolio of now 63 channels we manage and deliver across multiple territories for local and international clients. For nearly a decade the DMC has been providing multi-lingual playout services for content owners looking to maximise the value of their content and we’re delighted to now extend our services to the Outdoor Channel."

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